Our mission is to help clients to improve their sales through transformation processes of proven success

How can we help?


Our techniques and approaches to commercial activity cover all aspects of the sale, so that our clients can transform their organizations, building a close working relationship with their clients.


Our planning techniques and models help companies and their sales teams to define what sales objectives should be and to set the strategies, tactics and resources needed to achieve them.


To achieve sales objectives and maintain a stable salesforce it is imperative to manage the team and thier resources in a structured way. Our consultancy, training and coaching helps to do so.


The organization of a sales department requires a thorough understanding of the different go-to-market models available – Inside sales? Distributors? Wholesalers? Internet sales? We help you to decide the most effective and appropriate models for your company.

About us

Sibelius is a consultancy company specialised in sales. Based in Madrid, we work internationally through a network of partners, which allows us to implement our projects in more than 20 languages. As well as constant training and updating, all our consultants have worked actively in the different sectors and bring up-to-date industry knowledge to our clients.With this experience, they develop and implement solutions that help change the processes, the skills and the techniques of the client’s sales team. They have carried out implementations in Europe and Latin America.

Latest posts

Selling in times of recession

“No one can be a slave to his identity: when a possibility of change arises,we must change.". Gould, Elliot. In a globalized, competitive world and even moreso coming out of a recession, it ios clear that, to be successful in our work demands more every day. Last...

Crisis, Change, Sales and Sibelius

“In times of crisis, only the imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein The world is still emerging from a strong recession. This has complicated the life of all the people and businesses that are engaged in a complex sale. However, the recession...

Case study- Watson-Marlow

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) is the world leader and premium provider in the niche peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental industries. Business is highly competitive and the last...