Sales management

To achieve sales objectives and maintain a stable salesforce it is imperative to manage the team and their resources in a structured way. Our consultancy, training and coaching helps to do so.

Retaining a good commercial team requires constant attention from its managers. The cost of replacing a salesperson in both time and sales is huge. Developing their team’s skills is the main job of a good sales manager. However, this important work is often where we spend lest time. Having the knowledge and skills to perform good sales coaching is essential for a sustainable success.

Companies today require a return on investment for all training investments. Training just to motivate employees is not enough. It is increasingly important to demonstrate that the skills taught within the training program are being used on a regular basis. Research indicates that lasting change in sales skills can only be achieved through the effective coaching by sales managers to help salespeople apply the adequate skills consistently. Sigma Delta – Coaching is designed to help them cope with this challenge, finding those who can reach the desired level and developing them to ensure that the investment in training and coaching time are recovered by the results

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In the present day sales environment, every employee in contact with the client has to have a commercial mindset. But motivating teams that do not have a clear commercial responsibility can be difficult. Sibelius has worked with many customers to help their post-sale support teams develop a commercial mindset that helps increase sales and employee and customer satisfaction.

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Selling through partners reduces costs but can also introduce complications in the control of sales. Properly choosing and controlling a network of partners requires careful planning and management. This video introduces some concepts that may be important when it comes to selling through partners.

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