About us

Sibelius is a consultancy company specialised in sales. Based in Madrid, we work internationally through a network of partners, which allows us to implement our projects in more than 20 languages. As well as constant training and updating, all our consultants have worked actively in the different sectors and bring up-to-date industry knowledge to our clients.

With this experience, they develop and implement solutions that help change the processes, the skills and the techniques of the client’s sales team. They have carried out implementations in Europe and Latin America.


Sibelius has a network of partners which allows us to implement change programs worldwide, in the local culture and language. Philosophy, concepts and methodologies are common across the network, which guarantees a homogeneous quality in the implementation. At present we are delivering coaching through our network in more than 20 languages.


In any sport, the best coaches analyze their teams, know their strengths and their weaknesses and establish clear objectives for improvement. They draw up specific action plans, individual and collective, aimed at achieving these objectives. They schedule training sessions to improve game strategies and processes.

Like the best coaches, the processes designed by Sibelius take into account the entire sales cycle of our customers, as well as the purchase cycle of their customers, to discover those points where they can improve sales and relationships, achieving continuous improvements, both in the teams and in the results.


Sibelius is the distributor of Huthwaite International in Spain.

Huthwaite International provide sales performance improvement in over 40 countries and more than 30 languages, increasing sales through behaviour changeSPIN® selling is key to their sales training repertoire and is delivered in 28 languages. As well as selling skills they are also experts in negotiation training with emphasis on negotiation behaviournegotiation strategiesnegotiation tactics and negotiation performance.


In Sibelius we have the privilege of having worked with some of the most advanced technological companies. In the fields of information technology, telecommunications and medicine, we have helped leading companies in their market to develop their sales teams to be the best in their field.

These companies are demanding, they ask for demonstrable results and a clear return of the big investments that they make in the training of their sales forces. Sibelius has achieved measurable increases in revenues and margins through the implementation of consultancy, training and coaching projects.